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Floor Plans

Here are a few examples of the work we do at TB SQUARED



Commercial renovation

This drawing typifies a commercial building renovation project. In this case, an old clothing store was converted into a hair salon. This type of renovation and the changes made in the building must be measured, documented, drafted and reviewed by an architectural technologist to ensure they meet the Ontario Building Code. Without these steps, one would not be able to obtain a Building Permit.

To renovate a residential building it needs to be measured to develop drawings that are accurate, up-to-date and include structural changes if required. This starts the process of obtaining a Building Permit.






Residential renovation

Plans must contain a high level of detail and includes several views. Here is a cross-sectional view.





Open Concept

This residential Floor Plan shows what the house looked like before and after the renovation took place. The Cross Section plan shows the specifications required to make the building safe and secure.





Garage Addition

These are required drawings to obtain municipal approval for the construction of a new garage. The new garage is clearly more appealing, environmentally sustainable and sturdier than itʼs counterpart.



Front Yard Parking Pad

This is an example of a proposal for a Front Yard Parking Pad which includes all required dimensions to obtain municipal approval for the construction of a parking pad in the front yard of a typical residential lot.